ROX Ice Ball Maker – The Original & Best Silicone Ice Ball Mold

“I don’t always take ice in my drink, but when I do, I use ROX slow melting ice balls.”

These Scientifically designed ice ball makers will add a touch of class to your next gathering, as well as improve your spirits. Our large, slow-melting ice spheres allow you to taste the whiskey, not the water and can last for hours.


-Each ice ball mold makes four 4.5cm ice spheres…great for parties.
-Ice tray is sealed and balanced and will not leak or tip in freezer.
-Made from dishwasher safe, BPA free Silicon.
-Ice releases easily from silicone ice ball mold and does not crack while freezing.


-Large ice spheres have less surface area and last much longer…sometimes hours.
-Can freeze garnishes within ice (Lime, Olives, Mint leaves, etc.)
-Replaces fancy ice presses that cost hundreds of dollars.
-Mostly use for fine sipping whiskeys, but other uses range from pitchers of Sangria to mugs of iced coffee.

Don’t even look at cheap imitations. Our ROX ice ball makers are fully guaranteed for two years and will likely last a lifetime.

So hurry up and order now before your next party. These things are going fast and you don’t want to be the last neighbor on your block to serve ROX ice balls!

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